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At Roar Kids Academy, our foremost commitment is to the safety and well-being of children and young people. We place significant importance on safer recruitment practices, and we require all our staff to share our unwavering dedication to safeguarding, fostering an environment where young individuals can confidently learn and grow.


Our management team, present at each camp location, holds pivotal responsibilities within our organisation:


- They are responsible for ensuring that our camps consistently uphold their 'duty of care' towards children.

- Actively contributing to the creation and implementation of safeguarding policies aimed at protecting children participating in sports and multi-skills activities.

- Regularly reviewing and maintaining organisational policies and procedures that contribute to safeguarding children, including those related to safer recruitment, complaints, and disciplinary procedures.

- Collaborating closely with external agencies in cases of significant concerns or abuse.

- Establishing a culture within our organisation that emphasises the importance of listening to children, a principle that permeates our organisational plans and practices.

Roar Kids Academy's designated safeguarding lead, Jack Turner, plays a central role within our safeguarding framework. His responsibilities include:


- Leading the development and implementation of Roar Kids Academy's approach to safeguarding children.

- Taking the lead in addressing concerns related to the protection of children.

- Ensuring that our policies and procedures align with national guidance on safeguarding children.

- Providing guidance to staff on the practical application of organisational policies and procedures.

- Advising on our safeguarding training needs and shaping our training strategy.

- Offering support to those working directly with children to ensure they respond appropriately to concerns regarding children's welfare and safety.

- Establishing effective communication channels with schools, especially in situations where specific concerns arise about a child.

- Coordinating the dissemination of policies, procedures, and resources within Roar Kids Academy as needed.


All our staff members who work directly with children and young people are expected to:


- Understand the critical nature of safeguarding, protecting, and promoting the welfare of children, along with recognizing the various ways children and young people may face potential harm.

- Maintain vigilance for potential signs of abuse or neglect.

- Be mindful of potential risks posed by individual abusers or potential abusers.

- Foster effective communication and build positive relationships with fellow staff, volunteers, children, and parents, all in support of safeguarding, protecting, and promoting children's welfare.

- Comprehend the roles played by other practitioners and agencies in supporting and advising families while safeguarding and promoting children's welfare.

- Adhere conscientiously to the relevant codes of conduct applicable to their roles.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy, please feel free to contact us on


We are committed to addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have, as your child's safety and well-being are our top priorities.

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