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The Hungry Lions Nutrition Club has become a highlight for our students, seamlessly blending fun and education to create an experience that has every child eagerly awaiting the next session. The engagement is exceptional, with the team striking a perfect balance between enjoyment and learning, turning each meeting into a captivating exploration of nutrition.  The focus on nutritional literacy is outstanding. Jack conveys complex concepts in an accessible and enjoyable manner, fostering a deep understanding of the importance of healthy choices. The tasty end results of each session are nothing short of spectacular, with children showcasing their culinary creations proudly.  What truly stands out is the unanimous excitement among the students. Every child eagerly looks forward to the next session, creating a buzz that extends beyond the classroom. Parents have expressed gratitude for the positive impact on their children's attitudes towards food and nutrition.

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Active Lunchtimes at our school have proven to be a resounding success, creating a positive ripple effect that reaches far beyond the playground. The most remarkable change has been the significant reduction in poor behavior, a testament to the power of engaging activities during this crucial time.  The beauty of Active Lunchtimes lies in its inclusivity. The open activities welcome everyone, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Whether structured opportunities or free play, there's something for every child, ensuring that each one feels valued and included.  The structured opportunities are a game-changer. They provide a perfect balance alongside free play, creating a harmonious environment where everyone's contributions count. This structured yet flexible approach not only promotes physical activity but also encourages teamwork and cooperation.  Moreover, the program has managed to turn lunch breaks into vibrant, energetic periods that contribute to a more positive school culture. It's evident that Active Lunchtimes have become a cornerstone
n fostering not just physical well-being but also social harmony among students.

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