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Looking for a fun and educational way to help children learn about healthy eating habits? Look no further than our children's nutrition workshops. Hungry Lions is designed to teach kids the importance of a balanced diet and how to make healthy food choices in a fun and engaging environment.

Our experienced nutritionist will create hands-on cooking classes and interactive workshops to teach kids about the nutrients their bodies need and how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals and snacks. We'll also incorporate fun activities and games to help kids understand the connection between food and nutrition. With our workshops, your child will gain valuable skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Sign up today and give your child the gift of a healthy future!

Roar Kids Academies' Hungry Lions Club is a fun and educational nutrition club. Children wear chef hats and aprons, use cooking utensils and machinery like blenders, all under supervision. Our experienced nutritionist-designed recipes lead to delicious and nutritious weekly meals. Each child leaves with their creation and a recipe card, fostering a lifelong love for healthy eating.

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A Hungry Lions club is designed to teach children about the benefits of a balanced diet and how to make healthy food choices.


Through hands-on cooking experiences, children will learn how to create tasty and healthy meals that are packed with essential nutrients, be it courgette chocolate brownies or cheesy quinoa stuffed peppers!


Working from tailor made recipe cards (samples below) curated by our in house nutritionist and the guidance from our cooking instructors, children will gain the skills and knowledge they need to make healthy eating a lifelong habit.


These clubs are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about nutrition and develop a healthy relationship with food as well as understanding how it connects with the body.


Our workshops are an effective way to teach kids about healthy eating habits and encourage them to make informed food choices.


These workshops are led by our in house nutritionist who provides age-appropriate information on nutrition and health.


They cover a range of topics such as food groups, balanced meals, healthy snacks, and the importance of drinking water. The workshops may also include hands-on activities such as meal planning, food prep, and tasting sessions to encourage children to try new foods.

By learning about nutrition it helps children understand the link between good nutrition and their overall health, growth, and development . Kids can make better choices about what they eat and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


These workshops are also an opportunity to teach children about food sustainability, food waste reduction, and the impact of food choices on the environment.


Hungry Lions aims to provide a fun and interactive way to promote healthy eating habits and inspire kids to make healthy choices both in and out of the classroom.


Parent and child cooking classes are a great way for families to bond while learning valuable culinary skills.


These classes typically involve a parent or guardian working alongside their child to prepare a meal or dish, with guidance and instruction from a professional nutritionist or cooking instructor.


This shared experience can help children develop an interest in cooking and healthy eating, while also strengthening the parent-child relationship.


Cooking together also offers a fun and engaging way to spend quality time as a family and create lasting memories.


Additionally, parent and child cooking classes can provide parents with new ideas for healthy meals and snacks that they can prepare at home with their children.


Cooking parties are a fun and creative way to celebrate special occasions and teach kids about the joys of cooking.


These parties typically involve a group of children working together to prepare a meal or snack, under the guidance of a professional nutritionist or cooking instructor. Kids get to roll up their sleeves, put on aprons, and explore new ingredients and cooking techniques in a safe and supervised environment.


The parties can be tailored to suit different ages, skill levels, dietary requirements and interests, and can include activities like decorating cupcakes, making pizzas, or creating their own salads.


Not only do cooking parties offer a unique and engaging party experience, but they also provide children with valuable life skills, such as following recipes, measuring ingredients, and working in a team.


Additionally, cooking parties can help instil healthy eating habits and encourage children to try new foods and flavours.

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