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Roar Kids Academies' extracurricular sports clubs offer a unique and vital experience for children. We provide expert coaching in an inclusive environment, fostering a lifelong love for physical activity. These clubs build teamwork, discipline, and confidence, setting the stage for a healthier life.

Traditional based sports are a fantastic way to encourage children to be physically active. At Roar, we have a team of teachers and coaches that have extensive knowledge and experience within this field. We offer variations of these sports that promote an inclusive environment for all children. Please see some of the sports we offer below: 

  • High Five Netball 

  • Quick Sticks Hockey

  • Tag-Rugby 

  • Football

  • Kwik Cricket

  • Tri Golf

We are extremely excited to offer our non-traditional based sports that your children may have none or very little exposure to. At Roar, we believe that all children should experience a vast array of sports to help develop the physically literate and holistic child. Examples of these are:

  • Kin-Ball - A Canadian invasion based sport)

  • Tkouchball - This is a fast paced invasion based sport that was originally created in Switzerland) 

  • A variety of dances such as street dance, zumba and modern

Why not try something completely new? We are always searching for new ways to engage all children, regardless of their ability and experiences. If it promotes physical activity then we at Roar are happy to accommodate. Alternative Roar activities include:

  • Nerf Gun Games

  • Dodgeball/Benchball

  • Archery

  • Ultimate Frisbee

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